The holster is the equipment used to carry your guns in a concealed way. This will help you to go for shots and safely keep your gun. This helps the gun to be kept in a place near to the body and helps to keep it safe.

Trendy 1911 holster also has certain important features

  • They are present with a release and lock system.

This is the main feature of them.

Holsters are always designed for the protection of the handgun. They are made in order to secure their retention. This will in all make our access easy.

But only easy access won’t work. One had to also think about safety and that’s the job completed by 1911 holster.

Their uses

They hold the gun in place and don’t let them slip off your body. They distribute the whole weight of the gun around the whole holster which doesn’t let your guns go through any damage.

Designed in a way that carries your gun in a concealed way. 

They are usually used for a concealed view of the gun. The gun can be carried more comfortably.

The alignment

The gun is placed in a way such that the gallon faces the ground. This is a vertical way in which the gun is placed.

Most of them are made up of leather but they can also be made of other artificial substances like synthetic ones.

They are available in the one that can fit on the waist. This makes the gun placed in a vertical way more systematic rather than the horizontal one.

Designs available

You can also get some other designs available such as the one that can be hung on the shoulders. You can browse through a lot of designs if you want to. You can check them out and buy anyone according to their consent. The different designs include the one which can be carried on your waist and other include the one carried on your shoulder. You can get them over their shoulders and carry your gun. They are available in different ranges of colours as well.

There are a lot of websites online which make different designs according to your wishes.

Buy from Kirkpatrick

If you are confused about where to buy a 1911 holster from you can check their website.

Their website has been the most trusted one. They have been selling 1911 holster for a long time. They design your holster in a way that when you look up to them you feel wow. You feel like that particular thing has been designed only for you.

At Kirkpatrick Leather, they are fans of the 1911 pistol.  Many of them own and carry one for self-defence.  And they are always looking for ways to improve their 1911 holsters.  They also believe that their familiarity with the design helps them communicate with customers to make sure they get the perfect one.

Since they are huge fans of this particular product, they also tend to create the best for their customers.

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