The Best Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone

Do you want your photos on social networks to be at their best, and automatic filters aren’t enough for you? Or do you want to highlight some essential points in your screenshot of your favorite casino games NZ? These apps will help you bring your photos to perfection — download and try them for yourself!

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop is one of the most famous photo editors. Of course, the app has fewer options than the PC version, but here you can just a couple of clicks to change the picture taken on the phone camera.

A function of partial editing automates many operations. For example, you can remove an unnecessary fragment or detail from the frame, edit the angle of the head, add a gradient, change the background and much more. And if you really want to add some beautiful details to the photo in the form of frames, fonts, or arrows, the editor has a special mode for this purpose, also known as digital scrapbooking.


The main advantage of this app is face and body correction. With Fotogenic, you can change yourself beyond recognition, but that’s not usually the point, is it?

The image can be adjusted so that you appear slimmer or taller. Do you want to “pump up” your muscles like a bodybuilder or give your skin a Mediterranean tan? Bigger? Smaller? Longer? Nothing could be easier for Fotogenic.


This is a professional editor with an impressive set of tools. Over two million different filters and effects are available for free. You can save the created processing variants in “Favorites” and use them as templates in the future.

Color balance in the app is built at the touch of a button. There is a single color selection function, background blur and double exposure options for creating unique photos and invasive editing. You can hide fragments in your photos with pixels, add text and graphic elements. You can also improve your selfies in the app: remove the red-eye effect, whiten teeth, and remove skin imperfections.

Al Mirror

Want to make an unusual cartoon avatar using artificial intelligence? Al Mirror can help. Just upload your photo to the app and choose one of the unusual styles: fantasy, anime, gothic, Egypt, Vikings, knights, pirates, comics, and so on. You can see examples of styles in advance.

Some of the styles are available only for a fee, but the free ones are enough to change your pictures beyond recognition.


This photo editor will appeal not only to fans of mobile shooting but also to professionals. All thanks to its intuitive navigation and impressive set of options.

The app allows you to process RAW format, use color correction mode, and create your own filters. Lumii also has an option to resize the image to fit the requirements of the chosen social network.

All these apps provide access to many free features. So you can create beautiful photos even on a tight budget. Want to make your images even fancier? Get a subscription.

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