Know More About Cemetery Plaques And Headstones

Since its founding in 1918, Lodge Bros Stonemasons has been a market leader in the manufacturing and delivery of natural stone memorial headstones and cemetery plaques. As long-standing stonemasons in Melbourne, we’ve completed a variety of projects for a variety of customers, including cathedrals, universities, and municipal governments.

They relocated to a cutting-edge location in Thornbury after completing Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance, which was commissioned to us in the 1920s. They continue to create high-quality large headstones and plaques around the country as one of Melbourne’s and Australia’s leading stone masons.

What are the different types of headstones for cemetery plaques?

Headstones are available in some styles, including: Flat markers, from time to time called “grass markers,” which lie flat at the floor at the top of the grave, flush with the grass. Bevel markers, typically approximately eight inches thick, lie flat at the floor at the top of the grave and upward thrust above the grass.

– Slant markers, from time to time called “pillow stones,” typically approximately 18 inches tall, which take a seat down flat at the floor with the front of the stone angled back, developing a wedge shape. Monuments, generally cited as “headstones,” which can be pills status upright out of the floor.

– Ledgers, which can be typically approximately eight inches thick, lie flat at the floor and cowl the complete grave. Ledgers can be engraved and used because of the gravestone itself, or they’ll additionally consist of a monument at the top of the grave.

 What are the cemetery rules and requirements?

Every cemetery has many policies across the different styles of headstones it allows, which includes policies concerning gravestone style, size, features and many more things. Before purchasing for a gravestone, discover what the policies are on the cemetery you’re running with.  In addition, many cemeteries have relationships with gravestone companies that they may require you to paint with. These necessities will tell your buying decisions.

Where to Purchase Headstones?

Headstones may be bought from cemeteries, funeral homes, third-celebration retailers, or online retailers. Remember that due to the fact cemeteries aren’t blanketed via means of the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule, the cemetery might not receive a gravestone bought some place else or might also additionally price a rate for bringing in or putting in a gravestone you obtain someplace else.

 What is the cost of cemetery plaques?

– The charge of headstones is usually calculated via means of weight; therefore, the bigger the gravestone, the extra high price it’ll be. The charge of a gravestone typically no longer encompass any “extra features,” which includes engraving or including a custom features, which includes an image or image.

– If you’re shopping a gravestone from a third-celebration or online retailer, the fee of delivery of the gravestone can also be pretty high, as delivery fees are generally calculated via way of means of weight.

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