Choosing a home security camera

Are you out in search of the best at home camera systemThe following is how to choose it:

Choose the type of camera

The camera type that you will require depends on where you would wish to place it. If you require one to be in your home, then you will get various options of home security camera. If you want one to install outside the home, then you will have to decide whether it should be a wireless one or a video doorbell.

For back or front door monitoring, consider having to use a video doorbell as it can be easily powered via your doorbell wiring. If you want any other area being monitored, then you should use a wireless security camera. You have to ensure that while all doorbells with video are designed to resist elements, not all of them are weatherproof. Thus, ensure to check the camera specs which you consider to choose and place outside

Pick the source of your power

Wireless security cameras which are battery powered and the video doorbells are known to be quite flexible when it comes to placement around and in your home. Depending on what camera you choose and its usage, you will require recharging it weekly or after a few months or twice a year.

Cameras which are hardwired and the doorbells sidestep neatly the problem of recharging but might limit where you are going to place it, unless you are ready to run an extension cord or hire a professional electrician.

You have to remember that, the power source that you embrace might limit the model numbers that you can pick from. This is true especially for the video bells since there are not many models which are battery powered available on the market.

Compare the cloud storage plans

Before picking the doorbell or camera that you prefer, you have to be sure of finding the amount of free cloud storage that it has and the amount of extra storage costs. Majority of the manufacturers go for the cloud storage where the footage is stored remotely on a server instead of using memory cards because video files are big.

Without the storage on the cloud, if you miss out on an alert for an intruder, you won’t have any idea whether there was an attempt to break in. Most of the cameras also will not allow you downloading clips which are sent to the authorities unless you pay for it.

The free storage online and the storage cost plans might vary greatly by model and manufacturer. There are those that come with seven days of free storage on the cloud, which is known to store the most recent motion triggered videos clips that happened in the recent seven days.

But for some newer versions, they don’t have any free storage. There are those that charge a small fee of about $3 for a storage of motion triggered events for 30 days per camera depending on the model

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