360 photo booth- the party trick that plays itself.

Let’s face it, we all enjoy appreciation, praises, and the feeling of being a little bit better than the others out there. And maybe it wouldn’t be wrong to say, that most of us also enjoy a little bit of constructive envy here and there. Up your part game and become the favorite party host in your friends and family circle. The 360 camera booth is sure to impress anyone who uses it.

The social media perks that come with 360 photo booth:

It works as great publicity for you as well. You can easily make good use of the social media of your users as a great form of free advertisement for yourself, your brand, or your company. It is a complete win-win scenario for both the host and the user. The users get to experience the extremely interesting and equally fun 360 photo booth while the host can get some online publicity, free advertisement as well as possible prospective customers through their posts.

People who try out a 360 all-angle slow-motion video for the first time, generally tend to post it on their social media platforms to show the world the new thing that they have tried out. If you host an event and have a 360 photo booth at it, there is a high chance multiple people will want to try it out. 

When they try it out, they are highly likely to post it on all of their social media platforms to show their family and friends. The host can easily advertise through the content these guests put up on social media. It is an easy way to reach a huge audience. I smart and quick marketing trick that will work wonders if executed well. The 360 photo booth can be a great way to indirectly reach new customers.

It can be of great help and work as the perfect solution for any party, promotion event, brand or product launch, corporate events, etc. It will guarantee higher participation and ultimately an increase in engagement. The 360 photo booth can also work wonders at social media savvy bride or groom’s wedding.

Advantages of having a 360 photo booth at any function or event:

  • It gives all the guests who are attending the event an extremely engaging experience that is equally fun to be a part of.
  • It proves to be a great way to push the creative boundaries of all the guests attending.
  • Can be a great way for social media influencers and active participators to develop authentically and out-of-the-box content to post on social media.
  • Works as a great method of brand promotion through the social media content produced and posted by all the guests attending.
  • Let all the people who are attending the event be active participants instead of having to be silent spectators.
  • Most 360 all angle photo and video capturing booths come with an instant social media sharing facility.
  • Extremely cost-efficient, engaging, no compromise on quality, etc.

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