The Ultimate Desert Safari Dubai Adventure

Looking for an adventure? We can help! Now that it’s summer, the desert is at its best. Grab your friends and take a trip to Dubai’s desert safaris. You may be wondering what you will see on this trip.

Well, there are many things to do in Dubai, but if you’re looking for something different than the standard camel ride, we have some suggestions. Here are some ways you can explore Dubai’s deserts with us.

Safety In The Desert

Before you head out to the desert, make sure you’re prepared. It’s important to remember that this is a desert area, so there are some safety precautions you need to take. Make sure you have plenty of water with you at all times. If possible, bring an extra liter of water per person.

There are no shops or vending machines in the desert! You should also wear clothes that cover your skin and bring sunblock. If you’re planning on hiking in the desert, a good pair of hiking shoes will help.

The Great Arabian Adventure

A desert safari dubai is a journey through the desert. It is an adventure in which you will experience the beauty of the desert landscape. Desert safaris are available all over the world, but one of the most popular locations in Dubai.

In addition to seeing some amazing landscapes from your car window, you’ll have plenty of time to stop along the way to take in the sights. One of our favorite parts of this trip is when we stop at a Bedouin camp for lunch!

They serve up delicious local dishes that have been made with love by the Bedouins themselves. This adventure is perfect for anyone who wants to see more than just dunes in Dubai.

Mountain Biking Dubai Deserts:

What better way to explore the desert than using bicycles? We understand that many people are not too keen on walking in the desert. Beach resorts and theme parks maybe your favorite place to go, but we think you will change your mind after giving mountain biking a try.

You will find that it’s fun, challenging, and gives you a nice workout. If you have brought your children along, this activity is safe for them too! Plus, your kids will love it!

Desert Safari Experience

Dubai’s deserts are the perfect place to have some off-roading fun. Imagine driving through the desert in a jeep, while admiring the scenery around you. Dubai’s desert is full of hidden gems and more than enough adventure for your group. You can also take a camel ride or if you are feeling adventurous, go on an overnight camp with us.

We will take you to the edge of the desert where we have a camp set up for you. You can lie under the stars, or have a bonfire in the evenings.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to The Ultimate desert safari dubai Adventure. We hope it has given you some inspiration for your visit to Dubai.

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