The FlokiInu Will eventually Become The next shibainu

To begin, there was Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency based on memes. ShibaInu quickly surpassed Dogecoin in popularity. FlokiInu is the next shibainu, and I do not recommend overlooking it.

To be completely candid, as a conventional investor who puts a premium on strong fundamentals, I was first suspicious about digital currencies. Even an old dog like me, though, can pick up new abilities, and by 2020, we will all need to adapt to changing market conditions.

Even the most rational investors, it turns out, may have more than one horse in the race. FlokiInu tokens may be retained for several purposes, ranging from amusement to critical to your daily financial well-being.

How likely is it that your next tenfold trade will be FLOKI? As a consequence, let us be receptive to a digital asset based on dogs that is worthy of crypto enthusiasts’ attention. Even if the price of FlokiInu decreases to a penny, it is conceivable to produce revenue. In August of last year, FLOKI traded for $0.00000002. It did, however, rise rapidly over a few months.

By October’s conclusion, the token’s value had increased to $0.00006, a substantial gain. However, it would have been imprudent to collect earnings at that time. In other words, on November 4, the price of FlokiInu skyrocketed to $0.00034. Even if you struggle to comprehend the cheap price, bear in mind that the market has recovered almost 17,000 percent from its August low.

FLOKI has ceased to be amusing. If you haven’t already invested, the recent dip to approximately $$0.00025 is an excellent opportunity to do so at a discount.

Meme Coins Are Fictitious

The white paper makes a clear declaration (in boldface and all-caps, courtesy of the original author(s)):

“FlokiInu is a real currency, not a meme coin.” THERE HAS BEEN A MOVEMENT. “A new cryptocurrency established by ShibaInu enthusiasts and members of the community.” That is all. If you refer to FLOKI as a meme currency, you’re likely to insult someone.

The white paper also discusses Elon Musk’s ShibaInu, dubbed FlokiInu in honor of the FlokiInu coin (the dog, not the cryptocurrency). According to reports, the coin’s designers are hard at work on three big utility projects.

There is, for example, Valhalla, a metaverse dedicated to gaming using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), FlokiPlaces, a marketplace for NFTs and products, and Floki University, a content and education platform.

This Is A Game-Changing Development

For those unfamiliar, Elon Musk’s dog, Floki is the next shiba inu and was named after a Viking figure of the same name. Without a doubt, certain Vikings are spearheading a grassroots push to have FLOKI listed on the market leader Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN). Consider that a petition has been launched to get the coin listed on Coinbase before dismissing it as a pipe dream.

The petition presently has 28,379 signatories. This movement is unmistakably backed by a sizable contingent of Vikings. Due to popular demand, ShibaInu is now available for trade on and the Coinbase Android and iOS apps.

FLOKI is likely to be listed on Coinbase at some time in the future. As a consequence, the coin’s value would very certainly increase significantly.

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