Shopping Tips When Buying A cat tower

The term “cat tower” refers to a structure that houses a cat. Several other names have been given to them in the past. Cat condos, cat trees, and cat gyms are all terms used to describe cat towers. A cat tower is a piece of cat furniture that stimulates your cat’s natural clawing, climbing, and hiding instincts. When searching for your feline companion, keep the following traits in mind.

Many cats want to have their own space, such as beneath the bed or behind the curtain. Cat towers may also provide a safe haven for your cat, with soft beds with plush edges for your cat to hide in or cuddle up for a little snooze. Consider a cat tower that provides a secure haven for your cat if he enjoys his “alone time.”

Is there a scratching post on it? Cat towers often have several characteristics, but having a sharp claw exit is likely the most significant element for a cat owner. You can prevent causing damage to other pieces of furniture by providing your cat with a suitable scratching surface and encouraging it to utilize it.

Scratching posts are frequently encased in rope or carpet, and some even have fragrances that cats naturally seek out. Built-in toys, such as dangling ropes, play tubes, or hanging mice, may be included in the ideal tower for your feisty cat. The more possibilities the cat tower offers, the more likely it is that your kitty will be entertained while also allowing her to get some exercise.

The higher towers are preferred by most cats because they like climbing. A decent cat tower may also feature a comfortable platform for your pet to perch on. Your cat can see what’s going on in a room while you’re away, triggering its long-held drive to stalk. However, before purchasing a big tower, be sure to measure your ceiling, as some towers are above 7 feet tall.

Cat Tower For Your Feline Companion

Climbing to different heights, establishing territories, and escaping boredom are all fundamental needs of felines (especially if yours is strictly an indoor cat). Cat towers may give your cat a safe haven to express their natural instincts while also maintaining them in good physical and emotional health. Having a fat, bored cat is not a good thing for your health, and I like my cats to be happy.

Cats need a place to release their energy while they are young, and they slow down as they get older, so a cat tower is a great location for senior cats to exercise and release their energy. Having your cat’s condo or tower for a time will make it a habit for them to climb it, which will keep them in better condition.

Although it is commonly known that indoor cats have far longer and healthier lives than outdoor cats, they can suffer from a health problem that most outdoor cats do not, namely lethargy. Excessive weight gain, boredom, and sadness are all possible outcomes if your cat is not given the chance to exercise, explore, and hunt.

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