NFL Spread Picks – Who Will Cover the Spread This Week?

It’s tough to predict which team will cover the NFL spread this week, but the Green Bay Packers are a great choice as they’ve covered the spread three of the last four times. They’ve been a top defense all season and they’ll need all of their talent to beat the Minnesota Vikings. This year, the Packers are 3-1 against a mediocre team, and their offense has been a disappointment all year. If you’re looking for a TD pick, look for the Packers to cover the 6.5-point spread against Buffalo.

The New York Jets are the worst team in the NFL. They’ve won only once in their last six games, and their defense hasn’t looked good since Jared Goff injured his ankle in Week 10. It’s a good thing Boyle hasn’t started much yet, but the fact is he’s had a rough start to the season. However, he hasn’t had a good start this year, and it’s hard to expect him to rebound this week.

The Chicago Bears have covered the spread in five of their last six games. In contrast, the Baltimore Ravens have lost two of their last three games, and have been blown out by the Kansas City Chiefs. In addition, the two teams have similar resumes and may not be a good matchup for one another. Still, the Ravens are better than the Bears and could surprise us all this week. And if you’re looking for an entropic pick this week, don’t forget to check out Pickwatch, where millions of NFL expert and sports fan picks are tracked. This service is free and enables you to choose the best NFL spread picks for every game.

You can also try totals picks, which are an alternative to taking sides in football games. By betting on the total, you’ll bet on the overall score of both football teams, rather than on the specific score. These oddsmakers decide which teams will cover the spread. If both teams are underdogs, you’ll bet on the underdogs. These games are a good bet, as they’re usually heavily favored.

If you want to bet on a team based on the NFL point spread, it’s worth noting that the two teams are not always the same. In the case of the New England Patriots, the underdog team, on the other hand, is the other way around. There’s a big difference between the two teams. The Chiefs are a favorite and the Raiders are an underdog. Hence, there’s a lot of money to be made by betting on either team.

Generally, NFL betting lines are listed with a positive number. For example, the Raiders -5.5 means that Chicago must win the game by six points to cover the spread. The same goes for the Ravens – a team with a negative point spread is a team that can’t cover the spread. The Bears are a better team at home. This is why the Bears are a better choice in the NFL.

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