Make COVID-19 Mundschutz (Mouthguard) An Option Or Requirement

When Hall of Fame coach Paul Brown was the coach of the Cleveland Browns, he devised the “face mask.” While attempting to scramble, his All-Pro quarterback, Otto Graham, had suffered a major slash from a violent hit. During halftime, 15 sutures were stitched inside Graham’s mouth. To protect Graham’s lips in the second half, he had the equipment manager attach a piece of one-inch thick transparent plastic to the helmet.

The “facial shield” was initially applied to motorcycle helmets by motorcycle riders. With American Football helmets, this concept was eventually used on the field. Instead, the sport refers to its equipment as a “visor,” but it accomplishes the same goal: face and eye protection. To help tight end Mark Mullaney of the Minnesota Vikings recover from an eye injury in 1984, this was invented.

Then there’s 2020, and the coronavirus pandemic. When pro football players are body slamming each other, what should they expect? After yet another round of testing, the Oakley visors have been shown to protect athletes to some extent. However, only roughly half of a player’s face is protected. People all across the world are wearing face masks to keep their breath and spit from getting into the air.

Then there’s the coronavirus epidemic in 2020. What should pro football players expect when they body slam one other? Oakley visors have been proved to protect athletes to some extent in yet another round of testing. Only about half of a player’s face, on the other hand, is protected. Mundschutz (Mouthguard) is used by people all around the world to prevent their breath and spit from entering the air.

Oakley used fluid particles to spray over the mouth shield as part of the testing procedure to simulate a player’s usual activities. The results showed that restricted fluid transmission had a high success rate. Other companies have created comparable products, notably Schutt, which features a patented “splash shield.”

Not Just For Sports

Mouthguards come in a variety of styles, so choose the one that best fits your mouth. A good one will prevent the enamel on your teeth from deteriorating. The outer coating of your tooth, enamel, aids in the battle against harmful microorganisms. Plaque, the harmful bacteria in your mouth, forms on a daily basis.

If you grind your teeth to remove your enamel, germs will be able to reach the soft tissue of your tooth, causing cavities. Cavities are not only painful and unsightly, but they may also be quite expensive to fix. Wearing a mouth guard that fits properly will protect your enamel.

Mundschutz (Mouthguard) will help you and your partner get a better night’s sleep by reducing the sound caused by grinding your teeth. Poor sleep, according to any doctor, will eventually lead to poor health. Snoring can also be avoided with the use of mouth guards. This might be a double whammy. 

You can not only get rid of the noise that grinding your teeth makes, but you can also stop snoring and offer everyone the rest they need. Consult your dentist to determine which type of guard is best for you. A properly fitting mouth guard will help preserve your teeth and your pocketbook by reducing noise at night.

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