Informative guide about the Complete List of GOtv Packages, Channels and Prices (2021)

To put it in a clear way, each GOTv bundle has its own pricing and set of TV channels. This means that you receive a restricted number of channels with any GOTv plan, and the more you spend, the more channels are made accessible to you as well. If that’s what you are trying to get, read this guide about 2021’s gotv packages and the prices.


Users will receive the GOtvJolli package at 2,460 Naira per month. It is not so pricey, and people can get this package at an affordable price. Also, so many users have been using the package where they are getting channels like Telemundo, Real Time, NatGeo Wild, Spice TV, Eva+, E! Entertainment Television, CBS Reality, AfricaMagic Yoruba, BBC World News, and many more. All these packages are being offered at this price which is quite lucrative to users.

GOtv Max

Again, you will be able to access GOtv Max package at 3,600 Naira per month. Just like the Jolli package, when you get this package, you are going to get all the fun and popular channels.

The prices are a bit high as there were some kinds of swaps that happened a while ago. But still people have been taking this package for years because of the varieties of channels like Discovery Family, Discovery ID, etc.

You will get news channels like Real Time, Spice TV, E! Entertainment Television, NatGeo Wild, FOX Life, etc.

Also, if you are into movies, you are going to get channels like MTV Base, M-NET Movies Zone, B4U Movies, etc.

GOtv Jinja

TheGOtv Jinja package at 1,640 Naira per month is a nice deal according to us. By getting gotv subscriptions and this package, you will be rewarding yourself with full entertainment in an affordable price.

You are going to get the popular kid’s channels, news channels, religious channels, at least 5 entertainment channels and many more.

Don’t forget to get you subscription today and get access to all these channels like FOX Life, AFRO Music English, Islam Channel, Al Jazeera, Arewa 24, RSTV, Galaxy TV, etc.


When you will get this package of GOtv subscriptions, it will cost you 800 Naira as per data. To the users, it is one of the most affordable packages. If you know the meaning of value for money, then this package is for your use.

We have talked to so many users who work every day and don’t get much time to watch TV. They told us that getting this subscription helped them as they could have all in one package. All the important channels will be given including many additional entertainment channels like OGTV,SPICE TV, ONMAX, Dove TV, BISCON TV

You are also going to get at least five news channels and 3 religious channels along with a few sports channels.

At reasonable prices, it would be the wisest choice for you to pick one of these GOtv packages and make your life more entertaining.

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