How to Use Fanatec Shifter to Upgrade Your Gaming Experience

The game of racing games has changed a lot in the last few decades. The same goes for the vehicles used in the competition. Today, there are more than a hundred officially licensed racing game brands, and the technologies used in the games have also changed significantly.

One of the most exciting and challenging aspects of playing a racing game is its racing simulation. To experience the thrill of racing without physically racing cars, some players choose to use a racing game simulator.

When you use Gran Turismo DD Pro controller, you experience the thrill of driving a racing car, motorcycle, or some other type of vehicle. However, using a real race car is much more realistic – and much less immersive. That’s where the fanatec shifter comes in. The fanatec shifter is a racing game controller, but it isn’t just any racing game controller.

It is specifically designed for racing simulation games. It makes use of the latest technology to offer a racing experience that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Let’s explore how you can use the fanatec shifter to upgrade your gaming experience.

What is a Fanatec shifter?

A racing game shifter is a device which allows you to virtually race a real-life racing car, motorcycle, or other vehicle by moving your real-life body part-way into the driver’s seat. The simulation of driving the car is done by computer algorithms, and the shifter changes the position of the pedals, gearshift, and accelerator to match the actions of your hands as you drive. This enables you to feel the sensations of speed and acceleration exactly as if you were actually driving. You can use the shifter to test out different control schemes and mapping options to find the one that best works for you.

How to use a fanatec shifter

There are a number of racing game shifters available for purchase, as well as a number of experiences which you can rent or borrow from the VR racing game library. The fanatec shifter is one of the more expensive options, but it offers a unique gaming experience which is almost indistinguishable from driving a real car. Before buying a shifter, however, you should know how it works.

To use a fanatec shifter

Start the racing game you want to use the shifter with the default setting. Put your real-life body into the driver’s seat and use the pedals, gearshift, and accelerator as if you were actually driving the vehicle. When you are finished, take the remote control and put it in your car.

How to find out if your racing game is optimized for the shifter

One way to find out if your racing game is optimized for the shifter is to compare the data from different racing games. For example, if you own a racing game for Windows, macOS, or Linux which supports the Fanatec shifter, you can compare the data from that game with the shifter data from other racing games.

You can also find out if your racing game has a driver or vehicle customization option. If the latter is the case, compare the customization data from your racing game with the shifter data from other racing games to see what modifications you should make to your car. If you want to get really technical, you can also use driver and vehicle profiling tools to see what kind of performance you will get from your racing game and other racing games.

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