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A basic self-kit developed by researchers allows anyone to easily identify if they have SARS-CoV-2, an early diagnosis and treatment with coviself can reduce the risk of serious disease caused by delayed assessment and treatment, the Medical Research Council of India has approved the testing kits, which may ease the enormous load on the public health system.

Self-test kits

MyLab Discovery Solutions, a molecular diagnostics company in Pune, produced the ICMR-approved self-test kit, an antigen test in 30 seconds and it only takes 15 minutes to get results from a nose swab. 

Consumers can track their progress against COVID-19 with the help of a smartphone app driven by an artificial intelligence group and they can maintain track of their report and the software also explains things to do in case anything happens.

Try it to Test It!

ICMR recommends only testing for COVID-19 if you’ve had contact with someone who is a positive patient and if RT-PCR testing is positive, all government-specified protocols for high-risk individual isolation & contact tracing shall be followed.

In the event of a positive result, the ICMR will be notified automatically thanks to the test’s integration with MyLab’s smartphone appcoviselfand for those Individuals with previously negative tests but persistent symptoms, such as those with a positive RT-PCR, should undergo further testing.


It includes:

  • extractor tube
  • Card game
  • Nasal swab
  • e-book biohazard bag

Prep: A free program named CoviSelf must be downloaded and people who took your tests will have their information held on a secure network that is interconnected to the Indian council of medical research site, so the government can see it.

  • Do not touch your face
  • Sanitize & disinfect the place where you’ll be testing the kit
  • Follow the kit’s instructions

How to complete the test:

  • Keep the kit on a clean surface to avoid infection. Items from the CoviSelf kit should be disinfected.
  • Brush the inside of the nose 4–5 times to accumulate enough nasal discharge, do it with the other nose
  • Then swirl it in the extraction tube
  • Dip the swab stick in the extracting tube
  • Tighten the tube’s nozzle cover
  • Using the tube, add 2 drops of the solution to the test card
  • Results after 15 minutes and will alarm
  • It will scan your exam card & generate your report
  • Empty the contents of the kit into the disposal pouch
  • Assist in disinfecting any surfaces that may be infested

Results from tests

Within 15 minutes, you’ll have your results. If yes, the test card will have two lines and to test and control quality, draw a single line on markers T and C, a negative result show only one line at marker C, after 20 minutes, if the result is still missing or there’s no line on marker C, the test is considered invalid.


Second-wave COVID-19 is already having an impact on a number of Indian states, and the third wave, which is more likely to affect children than any other, is being prepared for all of them, each day, new cases are reported, and laboratories are having trouble returning RT-PCR data to people in a time in which it slowed patient care.

Using these self-test kits will have significant effects on the people of India. It will free up the restricted workforce responsible for sampling, testing, and reporting, using these kits takes only 15 minutes and gets patients the attention they need.

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