Common queries to raise to your online headshop

Whenever you are buying something, you may have some questions to ask the provider to clarify your doubts. The same goes true for the purchase of  bongs online. As online purchasing could be trickier in terms of reliability than a personal purchase in a physical store, you should ask a hell of questions to confirm that the desired product is delivered without any deviations. In some cases, the online provider may not provide returning options. If you do not ask about this beforehand, you could never return even a damaged product once getting it delivered. Likewise, there are several queries to raise and confirm before you pay for the product and get it delivered. In this article, we are about to discuss a few of these queries, in brief, to help you make a clean purchase of bongs online. 

Are all the products available for immediate dispatch? 

Your headshop’s site may show hundreds of varieties of accessories to use during cannabis consumption or smoking. However, it is of no use if you have to wait for a week for the ordered product to get to you. It is beneficial only if all the products listed on the website are readily available to get dispatched upon your request. So, you can confirm this beforehand. 

How long would it take to get the product delivered? 

As most online headshops are offering a delivery facility, you should beware of the maximum duration of the dispatch. Some stores may offer one-day delivery to let you get the product the same day of the placement of the order, while others will take a few days. You should ensure that the product will arrive within the specified days. Also, you can clarify the delivery charges, if any. However, only a few online headshops will ask for money for the delivery facility.

Do you stock the products or use a third-party supplier? 

Sometimes, the promise made by the headshops would get disappeared due to various reasons and you will not get the products on time. The primary reason for such delay is the dependence of the main supplier on a third-party provider for a particular product that you have ordered. You can get the accessories as per the delivery duration only when the provider has all the elements in stock without relying on anyone. So, you should confirm this beforehand. 

Will you take the product if it is damaged? 

Let us assume that the bongs go, broker, after you receive them. Else, you may get a dab rig that is useful for nothing. Whenever you get such an unsatisfying product, you may have to give it back to the provider in return for money or a quality product. To do this, there should be a return policy with the company. You must confirm such policies beforehand. 

How will my data be protected? 

Whenever you order anything online, you should confirm that the banking information or other details provided by you are safe. So, you can ask about the preventative measures of the shop beforehand.

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