Bitcoin Transactions with Zikex

Cryptocurrencies rule the market in the present day. These come with various advantages and hold a significant value. The current market trends bestow a lot on these currencies, especially the bitcoins. These decentralized digital currencies seem more secure to the world than the traditional currencies. 

What is a Bitcoin? 

Bitcoin, as mentioned above, is a decentralized currency in digital mode. Its transfer happens through a peep-to-peer blockchain network without unnecessary interventions. The network protocols and keys ensure that the currencies reach the intended recipient without a glitch. But how does this exchange happen? Read on! 

Bitcoin Exchange: 

Any cryptocurrency or bitcoin exchange is a platform that allows users to exchange traditional currencies with cryptos and vice-versa. As in, it is a platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins. You can use the exchanges to trade different cryptos or exchange them for your currencies. The following are the generally-found exchange platforms in the present day. 

  • Centralized Exchanges 

As the name says, these exchanges are governed by Centralized authorities. As in, it happens similar to the stock exchange where a company offering bitcoin trading governs the transactions. You give the custody of your bitcoin to a centralized exchange agency here. Centralized exchanges are secure and reliable. Moreover, some industrial investors in the present day are asking for a centralized exchange to ensure safety. 

  • Decentralized Exchanges 

It is the most common form of exchanging bitcoins. Here, the exchange happens between two individuals through a peer-to-peer network, as mentioned above. These are like direct contact between the sellers and the buyers. These roots back to the reason why cryptos are introduced initially. Such transactions are free from regulatory interventions and provide better control over trading. 

  • Hybrid Exchanges 

 Staying true to the name, hybrid exchanges are like a bridge between the above exchange types. Hybrid exchanges merge the security and privacy from decentralized exchanges with a regulated framework and fast transactions of centralized exchanges. Most investors and market experts suggest that this exchange is possibly the future of cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Zikex for Bitcoin Exchange: 

There are several platforms for exchanging bitcoins nowadays. Zikex is one such platform providing reliable network and secure exchange. You can trade as and when you feel like it, using Zikex. 

  • This platform offers different rewards based on your trading. 
  • The best thing about Zikex is the trading information. You can find values of different cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as soon you access the homepage of Zikex. 
  • You can analyze the information based on the 24H value, its low, high, and all the relevant information provided on its homepage. 
  • Zikex also provides a mobile application to ease the exchange. 
  • Here, you can find the values in different currencies and cryptosystems like ETH, USDT, and BTC. 
  • You can perform the bitcoin exchanges as and when you feel like it, and earn rewards in three simple steps – create your account, complete the tasks, and grab your rewards! 

If you are looking for a reliable bitcoin trading platform, Zikex is worth a try since you’ll have hands-on information and an easy interface for better results. 

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