Advantages of using office 2019 professional plus

The following are some of the new features that you are going to get when you use Office 2019 professional plus:

Presentation features which are advanced

Even though PowerPoint remains the most popular and commonly utilized for presentation, there are a variety of others that view it to be dated especially with the options which are tech-savvy available in the market. 

For Microsoft to stay relevant in the market, it has incorporated various advanced features for presentation in the Office 2019. They include things such as enhanced zoom and morph capabilities to help in creating a more dynamic and sophisticated presentation. The features are already in the Microsoft 365 subscription but not for those using the Office 2016

Data analysis that is more powerful

When talking about the data management analysis, the Excel still is reigning supreme in the market. Office has kicked things up in the 2019 software. You should expect features that are more powerful like new charts, new formulas, such as the 2D maps and funnel charts, the ability of publishing from Excel to power Bi – which refers to the business analytics services for Microsoft and the enhancement for the PowerQuery and PowerPivot. Apart from that, in case the Excel happens to be your favorite of the Microsoft Office Suite, the features in the 2019 will probably make you happy.

Inking features that have been improved

If you are using Microsoft surface devices, then it means that you are a fan of the digital pen which allows you to draw, doodle and note directly on the screen of your device. The Office 2019 professional plus will allow you to be introduced to new inking capabilities across all the available apps like pressure sensitivity, which is the tilt effects which tend to adjust with the thickness of the ink depending on the pen’s angle, and even a case for a roaming pencil, which allows users to organize and store favorite pencils, pens and highlighters so that they can use them in roaming across various devices.

Easier email management

In case you love using outlook, then going for theOffice 2019 professional plus will not leave you out in the cold. The Microsoft has included various features to take away some of the headaches and hassle out of the management of the email.

As per Microsoft it will include things such as:

  • Updating contact cards
  • Traveling package cards
  • Microsoft Office Groups
  • Inbox that is focused
  • @mentions

Microsoft has hopes that with the extra additions, it will help you in managing your emails far more effectively and efficiently

Get geared towards Office 2019

There are a lot of things that should make you to be excited with the Office 2019 which includes a lot of new features which in most cases, are frequently requested. If you want to know more about how you are supposed to leverage Microsoft Office.  It will make you to be more enlightened and use the Office 2019 with ease. It doesn’t matter which version you are using, get more information on it.

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