A guide to your options when you pace diesel in petrol car engine

For more about how to go about in case of the wrong fuel in you need to ensure that you contact the experts to find out what you need to do. If you accidentally pump petrol into a diesel car, the diesel engine will fail to function normally.  

You are not advised to top up the vehicle once you misfuel in the attempt of getting a quick fix, there has to be a large amount of petrol in the diesel engine for the problem to be able to rise. If you ever find yourself in such a position where you fill a petrol car with diesel and have not started the vehicle, you don’t have to panic as doing a simple drain, flushing, remedies the problem in the majority of instances. 

It is normally quite rare for such an error to occur because the diesel nozzles are known to be different in size as compared to the petrol nozzles. In most cases, the filler necks which are on modern petrol cars tend to be smaller as compared to the diesel nozzles, and with that, it makes it hard for such a problem to occur.  

You need to be aware of the older filling station as it might not have different sizes of the nozzle, which makes it easier for the error to happen. If you get yourself in such an unfortunate position, call the emergency number for the wrong oil sos as soon as possible to get advice on what you ought to do. 

What to do after you pump diesel in a petrol car 

There is no need to worry. The damage that comes from such a mistake is not very extensive like damage that you will get for having to fill a diesel car with petrol. It is because of the way both the diesel and the petrol fuel systems are set up.  

Apart from that, the diesel has to undergo compression before igniting which makes it hard to ignite while petrol on the other hand easily ignites by use of spark plugs to generate ignited sparks.   

Thus, even if you have already driven the car you might still have ample time to correct the problem which might arise after you fill the petrol car with diesel. When it comes to the diesel car, there will be a need for fast solutions which will be needed for preventing more problems from happening. 

In case you get misfuelled, you need to understand the problem which might occur. The damage that is most common which you have to worry about is the fuel system clogging as well as the spark plugs.  

After a while, the car will stop to run. But in case it is quickly remedied, none of such problems that you see after having to pump the diesel in the petrol car needs to be permanent. Simple flushing and draining of the system for removing the contaminated fuel are all that you need to do to take care of and restore the car to a drivable and usable condition. 

Signs of having diesel in a petrol engine 

The signs which are most common to use in identifying whether there is diesel in the petrol car will include: 

  • Engine cuts out 
  • Engine not starting 
  • Misfiring engine 
  • The exhaust has to emit too much smoke while you drive 

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