5 Ways To Increase YouTube Views And Grow Your Channel

Everyone who uploads their videos on YouTube wants more likes, views to grow their channel. Uploading the videos on YouTube is the fastest way to get famous and successful on social media. More views, more visibility, more audience means more opportunities to grow and prosper your channel. We can increase YouTube views by producing great video content; add values to our content, and many more

Regardless of views, the more important thing is audience retention. Every one of us wants long-run success and popularity on this platform. The YouTuber wants that people watch their videos for the longest possible time. A YouTuber may also think to buy legit youtube views. No one thinks of short-term fame; people want to gain popularity and be remembered by their names.

For this, everyone requires proper planning and strategy to startup their channel, what content or message they want to deliver and how they gain more likes and views. Every goal requires mindful planning and its timely implementation.

This article recommends specific ways to increase your channel’s views and grow your channel to a large scale.

How to increase YouTube views?

1 Attractive starting

2 YouTube engagement reports

3  Valuable content

4 Twitter stalk influencers

5 Collaborate with others

Let’s discuss this one by one –

Attractive starting

The starting of the video must be very attractive and exciting. It should be somewhat catchy, which gains the audience’s attention. Thus the first 15 seconds of the video are crucial. A YouTuber needs to pay much attention to these initial timings. If you’re starting is not influencing the audience abandons watching a video, which results in complete wastage of your time and efforts.

You can start the video with some vibrant music, exciting quotations, etc.

Youtube engagement report

The engagement report section offers you a top 10 list of your videos according to likes, dislikes, comments, subscribers, and sharing. So before adding more videos, one should analyze the top 10 list and create more videos on such content that your audience likes.

Valuable content

YouTuber cant increases the views without providing valuable content to its audience. The value of a video can be determined based on whether it satisfies the viewer’s needs, solves their problem, answers their questions, etc. for this, you must do research what our audience is searching for and try to add such content in our videos.

Twitter stalk influencer

Twitter stalks mean a YouTuber can stalk people’s Twitter timeline to know what your target audience is searching for, their interest, likes, problems, needs, etc. this may help you decide the content and topic for your next video. If the audience finds this exciting and satisfying, you can gain more likes and views.

Collaborate with others

You can also increase likes and views to your channel by collaboration with other YouTuber or relevant sites. You must search for the one who has more audience than you if not the same. These people also have a similar goal as you to buy youtube views cheap and gain popularity.


These are the general tips which may help you to increase views and likes on your channel. You can add more attractive titles, keywords, descriptions, or you can collaborate with others. To accelerate your growth, you can also buyyoutube views cheap.

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