5 interview questions for your social media manager

Digital marketing has taken shape fast over the past ten years compared to traditional marketing. Use of platforms like social media make marketing of one’s business online easier. With the internet, all that matters is the numbers, who likes your ads, how many get converted to clients and how much traffic are you getting daily. Knowing everything to do for your social media may seem easy until you try. Why not focus on your business and have a SMM expert help you penetrating the online platforms. Here are a few questions you should ask your potential instagram takipçi panel before hiring them. You never know, being precautious can just be what saves you from hiring a fraud.

What past projects have you done similar to this?

A good expert should have experience besides having the skills you need. Check their portfolios and ascertain how many projects they have handled in their careers. How many of them were successful? The more the number of successful projects the better the candidate for hire. Before hiring them, ask them how many similar projects to yours they have handled. By hiring someone that is familiar to the project you increase the chances of its success.

Which platforms do you recommend?

The social media platforms that work for your competition may not be the best ones for you. According to their expertise, they should be able to give some logical reasoning to back up their answer. A solid answer should inspire your faith in the candidate rather refrain from hiring those that fumble at this point and start beating around the bush.

Do you have any lead generation strategies?

This is a question to test what they do bring to the table. Lead generation is the top priority for most online businesses. What are some of the strategies they can use to increase the number of leads your business gets? Two or more strategies are enough to convince you they will get the job done. If they begin to fumble, they may not be the ones to fill the spot.

How do you handle brand reputation crisis?

You can experience stumbling blocks to your online presence at least once if not multiple times during your campaign. How equipped are they to deal with sudden situations that arise like poor reviews on your testimonials page.These social media crisis can be a major setback to a profile you have worked hard to build. The ideal candidate for hire should be able to get smart and creative to some of the common social media crisis that happen. It is all about have premeditated solutions to future problems.

What should be our social media marketing budget?

The metrics involved in the process should be ascertained before commencing the project. There are various expenses that determine the budgeting of a social media ad or campaign. Social media tools, availability of human resource and all the trainings that is needed for the process. How much you pay for your social media marekti9ng may vary from one person to the other, find one that you find cost-effective.

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