4 ways to get more likes on your business Instagram account

Every business wants to get popular on social media because social media traffic improves the sale in real terms. If you are looking to get more likes on Instagram, you are not alone! This is not an easy thing to get initial likes and engagement on your social media pages and for this purpose many people hire the services of agencies which promise them to provide with instant likes and followers. There is no harm in getting these likes unless they are fake! Yes, you are required to authenticate that these likes, and followers are authentic before you actually make the payment and get these likes. In this article, we will guide you about how to get more Instagram likes for your business page and boast your sales.

Why is it important?

Gaining likes and followers is really important for any business. Likes is the real currency of any social media account and if you are not getting any engagement on your page, there is no need to invest your time and money in it! If you are doing that, you must ensure that you are reaping the real benefits as well. When you get more likes, you ensure that your future posts will get more attention from the users as your posts will start appearing in the newsfeed of more users and engagement rate will be increased. Other than doing natural efforts to get likes and followers on Instagram, you can use Famoid likes to get instant authentic likes on your page, and this is a great idea especially when you are a startup business and are looking forward to beating the high competition in the market.

Tips to get more likes and followers:

If you are really interested in getting more Instagram likes and followers, you should follow the below mentioned strategies.

Use images that have an impact –Instagram is all about images and you must pick the right image in order to create a good Instagram strategy. When you share images, you must keep an eye on the images which are getting more likes and response from the users. If you are able to determine this thing, you will surely get an idea what type of images you must use to get more likes from your followers. It is a great idea to check competitors pages.

Always use call to action hashtags –When you want to get more likes and followers for your Instagram business account, you must understand the concept of hashtags. Hashtags are really important, and you must know the best hashtags to be used in your captions. Number of hashtags is also critical. You must not use more than fifteen hashtags as it can make your post look spammy.

Reshare and make use of other social media accounts –If you want to enjoy the real benefits of social media for your business, you must make use of all of your social media accounts. You should share and reshare your Instagram post to get views and likes from your followers at other social media places.

Schedule your posts –One great strategy to get more likes and followers is to schedule your post in advance. It will help you act as per your strategy without any lags.

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