10 Assured Ways ToGet Instagram Followers!

A marketing tool like Instagram helps to reach more people, promote businesses and services and eventually convert them into customers. Seeing a good and healthy following, a new visitor is already impressed. And if the content is wholesome, there you have earned a new follower. It is a proven fact that people are more inclined to follow a popular account. But how to become a popular account? Let’s learn some handy tricks of the trade to get Instagram followers.

Instagram, along with Messenger and WhatsApp, comes under the Facebook merger banner, thus, creating a unified platform for easy promotions where content can be shared through one click on multiple sites. This helps the audience navigate from Facebook to Instagram leading to an increase in Instagram followers.

Here are 10 trusted and most effective ways to get Instagram followers:-

1 . Design a bio worth remembering. Bio is the gateway to your profile and it should be a clear indication of the content you are serving. Provide links to your website in your bio.

2.                    An aesthetically pleasing profile is bound to attract more followers than a messy and unorganized page. Categorize your content and make good use of the highlights.

3.                    Use of high-resolution pictures is highly recommended. Shabby pictures aren’t crowd pullers. Experiment with hues, overtones, and filters which set your profile different from others.

4.                    There is no alternative to real and engaging content. Your content should be unique and have an edge. The style, colour, filters used in your profile should signify your brand and personality.

5.                    Have a clear plan to drive traffic to your profile and increase brand awareness. Also, being focused on the specific needs of your target audience can help you deliver the type of content they want, for the long term.

6.                    Make use of trending hashtags and develop your content around them. But do not go for overcrowded hashtags as that might lead to you getting lost in this large user pool. Relevant and smart hashtags can work wonders for your reach among the target audience.

7.                    Captions should be short and to the point. Use your captions wisely to interact with your followers. Ask questions, start conversations, tag people. Local hashtags and geotagging are also effective tricks to draw the local audience to your profile.

8.                    Brand collaborations are symbiotic relationships where brands need young, popular faces to promote their products and influencers get an opportunity to expand their reach. Giving your followers, discounts and offers can help you to gain mileage. Giveaways are also lucrative tools to attract followers.

9.                    Always maintain a standard time for posting. Also, do not post randomly. Be a regular content provider.

10.                 Embed Instagram posts in your blog. This helps to showcase your Instagram content and drive traffic to your account. Always remember that a new visitor is a potential new follower and to grab eyeballs make your profile more visible.

To get Instagram followers, following the organic route is better than buying fake followers. They do no good for your profile and your profile has the additional risk of being shadowbanned. Post consistently and pursue your goals persistently!

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